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Monday, August 23, 2004

*this is a little awkward*

i just sent out a mass email to friends and family (thankfully not co-workers) with a link to a porn video. i did not do this on purpose.

i went skydiving a week or two ago. it was phenomenal. but that needs to be another story in itself. today we're talking about my solicitation of pornography.

when i went skydiving, i got the video and photographs for the additional fee. it's really a great video, aside from the Creed that accompanies the second half of the little flick. again, that could be an entirely separate blog; my hatred of Creed.

so, my brother is a computer genius (he'd deny this, but anyone smarter than me is immediately declared so by myself) and i'd asked him if there was a way for him to get my video online so that people could watch it. it's an amusing 5 and a half minutes and it would give me more people to talk about my foolish behavior with. so he uploaded it, compressed it, zig-zagged it or what-have-you, onto a website that he has. he sent it to me via AIM and i was able to view it. i sent it to a friend via AIM and he was able to download it, but had to postpone watching it for some reason...he was busy, evidently. since i am impatient and eager, i sent out a mass email with this link. my aunt kiki, my cousin mikey, ugh. they all recieved a cute little message from their nutty relative about some fantastic sport she'd just fallen in love with. i can imagine them each smirking in their own way, deciding to be a few minutes late to class or to that meeting or for submitting that paperwork just to see that goofy girl jump out of a "perfectly good airplane."

then, moaning. penises. breasts. pubic hair.

oh my god.

how does one overcome such a cyber mishap? i have no idea what happened to the link.

i'm going to kick my brother's ass.


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