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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


so, this was going to be a long post about empowerment and relationships and fidelity and honesty, but i had too much to drink while hashing out the aforementioned topic with my friends...and now i'm eating Rice Krispie Treats and Connolis.

i guess there won't be any insights shared tonight, unfortunately. though, what would have made them so special? we've all been burned, and it seems to be the duty of the single to find that one person who will play them like a funky bass guitar.

so, i found that person.

and when i confronted him, he wasn't even man enough to just let me have that moment. just let me yell, let me hurt, verbally. and i think i'm glad he hung up on me. that made him all the more dispicable. all the more repulsive and easily convertible into energy for my new movement. the movement of not settling for shitheads. some breakthrough, huh? too bad i already thought i was a part of that motion since my fiancee dumped me. i guess there's a difference between being aware and taking action. what is that difference? how to we take that impossible step between realization and hustling that ass to a change of scenery?

it's so much easier to resolve oneself to just like cats. lots and lots of cats. they're not so bad really.


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