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Sunday, February 06, 2005

don't take a picture

i live about 10 minutes away from an airport. i guess it calls itself "international" but really it's just an overpriced convenient way to fly to Orlando or Vegas instead of from the city.

i was driving past it on 17K yesterday. i don't normally see it from that angle because i'm never on that stretch of road. but that day i was and it was nice to see the runway and the stocky control tower. the sun was out, the traffic was flowing and it was a fresh view of my hometown.

between my sideways glances at the airport, something on the opposite side of the road caught my attention. it was a minivan that had pulled off onto the shoulder. its hazard lights were on and i couldn't see anyone in the car immediately. no big deal...

...then i saw a man come around and stand in front of the van poised to dart across the street the moment that traffic allowed. and he was holding a video camera.

he'd been captured by this neat little compound that's nestled into our laissez-faire town just as i had. any other day i'd laugh him off, probably mocking him as some nerdy tourist or overzealous flying geek. but that day, these days, i grimmaced for him, only hoping that no one else was paying attention to the lone man looking at the airplanes.


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