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Thursday, June 23, 2005

for my cousin

i just spend about 4 hours at my old high school. my younger cousin just graduated (she's going to Oswego in the excited for her).

the graduation itself was not remarkable. i did notice that there were more beachballs and such than when i rolled through the football field, but all-in-all it's still the same. just different. you know.

mostly i want to share some comments i overheard during my time on the bleachers, shielding my eyes from the setting sun:

"I don't believe in sunscreen." the young man sitting next to me, in response to an older woman's comment about his sunburn.

"that's my cousin!" said at least six times by the set of girls a few rows back. they have a large family, evidently.

"where's the senior class presENT!?" shouted, by an irate woman at least 20 times at very inappropriate moments (like during the valedictorian's speech, etc). we deduced that she was angry that the senior class presIDENT had not been asked to speak this year. a uniformed officer firmly and effectively encouraged her to remain silent after about 45 mintues of her intermittant outbursts.

it's wierd because being there kind of made me wish i was teaching there...


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