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Sunday, June 19, 2005

this was my weekend

1. Friday

i'm not the kind of girl that like, ever, gets the hot boys to look at her. i'm dead ass. there is always some other chick that is more whore-ish. or maybe just prettier. whatever.

so, on Friday, when i was approached by a sweet chap and his entourage on my return from the ladies' room, i was slightly surprised. but i totally played it cool. check it:

*i needed to get back to Gina, my drinking partner who was still at the bar, so when Boy #1 yelled something in my direction, i pretended not to notice.
*this was part of my ploy to be hip and cool and breezy. i stalled my return to G-Love but whipped out my phone to text her instead.
*this forced Boy #1 to repeat his question.
*it was a way-lame comment about my glasses (the Lisa Loeb connection...i thought after several unsuccessful CDs, this comment had become obsolete) but it allowed me to maintain my coolness with a super foxxxy eye-roll.
*Gina found me and we all conversated on topics such as Italy, construction, investments, and weird military boys that wear Air Force Jumpsuits out to the bars.
*i continued to look uber cool when two or three other male friends (total freak occurrance) came up to me to say hello. then i got a text message. i was a hot commodity. hottt.

but this swell night of glorious fate came to an abrupt ending when Boy #1 recieved a phone call from someone named Chris. apparently Chris had been hit. i'm not sure who or what hit him, but the trio instantly transformed into i-gotchyo-back mode and left. they were polite and said goodbye. but they left. no digits.

i am in mourning.

2. Saturday

i go with G to a barbeque. it's at her manfriend's girlfriend's place. G's manfriend is really hot and really smart and i hope that he soon dumps the fancy girlfriend. until then, i can only be giddy knowing that he thinks i "look good." you see, there was an awkward introduction where he didn't remember me and i told him we'd met several times. then G mentioned my dad (everyone knows me through my dad; it's embarrassing) and his head tilted back. oh yeah! sure!

anyway...G stayed with him to smoke a cigarette and i went indoors to befriend the gay couple that was seated near the salsa. while on the porch with her manfriend, G spoke with him about me. i didn't recognize her! she looks good! and yeah, i guess that implies that, at one point in my life, i may have looked bad. but whatever.

moving on...

after some homemade vodka/wine concoction and some beers, G and I drove to the Mercury Lounge to see Bishop Allen. en route, we had each developed a hangover headache from the weird drink her manfriend made, so we stopped for coffee, popped some Advil, and sang oldschool rap songs in traffic on the FDR. i even pulled a sweet U-turn to snag a killer parking spot. if you see a transmission in the middle of esSEX street, it may be mine.

Bishop Allen was really great. while dancing and watching, i realized that i still want to bed Jack, the drummer. and i'd like to know what Christian found so funny. he alternated between the face of a stoner to that of a highly amused person. ok, so that was a bad comparison, but the truth is that we both wonder if he was on drugs. oh, and we also decided that we really love Justin's dictator dance moves. hot shit.

3. Sunday

i slept until 11 and then ate two donuts. when i remembered it was Father's Day, i ran to Home Depot with my mother to purchase a weed whacker. then i ate some yummy steak and salad.

now i'm typing this and thinking of getting some ice cream.

you wanna come?


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