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Friday, July 01, 2005

bugbites, etc.

haven't written too much lately. primarily it's because school is done and my friends are in town, so i'm actually living for a bit. but, to catch you all up to speed:

1. arson boy was temporarily evicted from his home after a late-night, foul-mouthed screaming match, during which my mother and i hid in my room with the lights off so we could hear what was being said without being seen. so stealth.

2. i've started a new job working as a big-shot fancy interim coordinator for an anti Big Tobacco group. no, i'm not against smokers, but you really should quit. unless you want to get this:


but anyway, i got the coveted office and now have exactly two enemies, i've been told. it's ok though because my office is in a government building which means there are sheriffs on duty at all times. hopefully the next one won't be so weird and flirty and fucking MARRIED, but whatever. of course, on my first day i met a cute and available boy, but i had a zit so fucking humongous that i was even repulsed. (but on that note, i'm no longer worried about marriage. i think i've decided it's not for me...for now.) but yeah, the job. i make my own hours. there is a filter on the internet access, but i'm making bank. i think i can deal.

3. if you actually listened to me and signed up for that dodgeball thing, please go ahead and unsubscribe. i get incessant text messages from some computer in corporate headquarters and i think it's really mocking me that i have no real friends.

4. i've spent most of the money i'd wanted to use to start a savings. and tomorrow i'm going shopping again.

5. i've gotten three bugbites.

6. my migraines have returned, and i think it's because i clench my teeth.

that about does it. i have some more pictures to post from Teresa's homecoming bonanza, but i'm too lazy to do that now.

i'm hearing some fireworks going off somewhere in the distance, likely the same i saw while picking my mother up from Sears. sitting in the parking lot with my window down, breathing in the heavy, wet air, i saw some of the booms flickering above and beyond the treeline.

i'm saddened by them this year. or maybe it's just tonight. can someone remind me what we're celebrating?


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