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Sunday, October 03, 2004

fat geniuses & slender fools

so, i haven't written in a while (sorry to my only fan, G-Love) but it's because i'm in the process of proving an amazing theory, that when completed, will change the course of human nature.

ok, so not really. but i am exercising a lot, and i did momentarily ponder the relationship between the academic world and the athletic world since i noticed i hadn't been writing. of course the logical connection would have been to notice that the time i'd previously allotted for writing was now being used for running a span of bridge and i simply hadn't reorganized my time properly. but that's boring. i think it's much cooler to imagine the possibility that as your body strengthens physically, the brain does the opposite. i mean, it just seems so damn illogical to exercise in the first place that maybe your brain no longer wants to be associated with you. tearing your muscles apart on purpose? what kind of moron does that? a moron with deteriorating grey matter is my hypothesis. and i'm copyrighting that mother too.


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