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Monday, January 17, 2005

oh, you nasty girls

this won't be a "good read" or even well written. it's a selfish, tacky, immature moment of whining.

there are a lot of things wrong with me. i mean, i'm still fucking awesome, but i could be viewed as pathetic by many. or most, really. of those nuances that compile this existence, i am most fascinated today with my hatred for flirtatious women.

and when you read the word hatred, really feel the fucking hatred, ok? because that's how intense this is.

the ones that wear metallic clothing, have outdated or just-plain-big hair; those that wear tall boots with short skirts; constantly saying sexual things; unsettling laughter; convenient positioning of the arms to accentuate cleavage. oh, and most of all, the denial via innocence. who me?

yes you, you fucking whore!

(foul language is the feeble mind trying to express itself)

i think this loathing falls primarily upon the older flirting women of the world. of course the prime example is the whore from work, but there have been others. i don't even have to know them. maybe the internet is to blame? maybe i'm just sensing their insecurity or neediness? i really don't think it's the selfish factor, honestly. but i guess that could be part of the equation i'm not too proud to eliminate that forthwright.

do you men enjoy this? or is it at least enjoyed with the understanding of underlying filth and repulsion? it would make me feel better if we could mock such characters with some sort of unity.


At 1/20/2005 11:28:00 AM, Blogger gijoewade said...

I thought this was a fun read, and I agree. I hate whores, but men have their shallow times. I good buddy of mine is shallow 24-7. The shameless flirts are fun occationally, but I don't respect them at all.


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