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Monday, July 04, 2005


i met a boy.

he's funny. he's friendly. he's very polite. he's quirky. he's hot. he has a superb figure. he dresses well. he's not pretentious. he's fun and fun-loving. he's outgoing. he's spontaneous. he's flattering. he's an excellent kisser.

(he's a doctor.)

and he totally likes me back.

excuse me for a few days while i act like a giddy twelve year old.


edit: rather, excuse me for a few days while i freak, staying busier than ever with work and gym visits, wondering and awaiting his phone call.


(i'm sure i'll rationalize his non-call or applaud his call when the time comes. this is a goddamn twister of guts and glory (and butterflies and sunshine).


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