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Thursday, October 14, 2004

silly games

i had a stopwatch race today.

my co-worker and i played with the stopwatch for about half an hour. it's a long time for pushing buttons and looking at a small LCD screen. we raced to see who could stop the watch on exactly one second. we lauged to the point of tears. and i'm not sure if i've had a better time at work.

though, after a while it became this nagging compulsion. i wanted to keep playing. he went back to work. so i sat there by myself and pushed the buttons. beep-beep.....beep.....beep. i told him the beeping was annoying me, but that i couldn't bring myself to stop. i also couldn't bring myself to leave the room.

sometimes when i floss my teeth or get a hangnail, i encourage the pain with self-inflicted pressure. i just keep pushing, touching, reminding myself it's still there. maybe i don't want it to go away.


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