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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

adultery and a movie

there's not much to say...

i saw a foreign film over the long weekend. it was nice because i saw it in this quaint town and in one of those old theaters that's perpetually plagued with yuppies. but the film itself was mediocre. granted, if i'd known a bit more about this Che Gue---somethingorother, maybe i'd have appreciated things more. i mean, this guy was some kind of huge revolutionary, and this movie simply worked as a photographic j0urnal of like 2 months of his life. what the hell!? i wanted to know more about the lepers than his dumbass. and what about that friend? i mean, i'm sure the guys, in real-time actual life, were quite amazing. my anger is not some misplaced hormonal angst. i am aware that it's likely the producers and such who suck.


oh, and i'm considering modeling in underwear for complete strangers. just to pass the time...

and for those of you who might be under the impression that i have had sex with the married man that appears in some of my previous blogs, you are mistaken. not even so much as a little lip action. that doesn't make much for an interesting blog, but it's true.

though today, i did tell him that i don't enjoy looking at him. we'll see where that gets things.


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