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Friday, October 08, 2004

son of a...(and a question)

well, i typed this really long blog that was kind of dumb. but G-Love would've found it amusing. sorry darlin'. it's lost and gone forever, clementine.

so instead i'll pose a question...

how does one know if one is pathetic?

of course, to answer that, we need some preliminary information. but for the safety and well-being of those involved, i'll keep it anonymous.

let's just say i have this friend that has recently taken up running and her only three close friends live between 45 and 3 hours worth of driving away. so this individual doesn't really socialize outside of her work, which may or may not be an educational setting where most of his/her colleagues are either married or just plain old. actually, there are one or two reasonably attractive single individuals of similar age, but they may or may not be intimidating to the point of hatred.

so if this individual is contemplating his or her "place in the world" (read that with finger quotes, please. thanks.) how does he or she know if he or she is just a complete tool? of course exercise is refreshing, but soon the snow will come in his or her town which may or may not be in the northeast region of the United States. and then what will happen? (he or she refuses to pay for the right to move rapidly about the earth in a manner that will cause perspiration.) will it be possible to absorb him or herself even further in work? is that the ultimate signifier of having no life? he or she may or may not have been asking co-workers about their plans for this holiday weekend, and most of them may have replied that they have spectacular plans. exciting plans. i'm-leaving-town-and you're-not kind of plans. even the pregnant ones.


he or she has even contemplated the generic idea of "getting a hobby" (again, finger quotes). but isn't this perposterous, really? (he or she may ask.) all these "things" (i'll stop reminding you) we do are all "hobbies" aren't they? i mean, sure some will enlighten or what-have-you, but what kind of enlightenment can be done in suburbia? things get old and tiresome to this said individual, and it may or may not make him or her sad and anxious.

if you could just help this friend of mine out, he or she would really appreciate your opinion.


At 10/09/2004 12:17:00 PM, Blogger barely literate said...

your friend sounds a lot like my friend. he's also constantly trying to determine if it's him or the rest of the world who's damaged goods. maybe his geriatric, pain-in-the-ass coworkers have the right idea after all. why doesn't he change shoes upon arriving at work and eat lunch at 10:30am? don't everyone's close friends live at least a full tank of gas away? his do. and exercise -- oh positive, positive, positively wasting his fucking time and money exercise.

at least they have direct deposit.

your friend and my friend should start a club. they could call it the "this isn't even remotely close to what i signed up for and i want to get off" group. it could meet tuesday nights at 6:30. i know a place with an empty meeting room.


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