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Friday, October 22, 2004

if you add a single letter to the URL of my blog page, you'll access an adult porn site.

Adult Movie Station

those clever fuckers. (pun intended.)

i just figured out their trick. silly, sleepy, bloggers mistyping in the wee hours of the night will think their works have been overtaken by the sex industry. so someone out there in the advertising industry is onto this fad...

you know, i read a comment from someone else's blog that dismissed the writer as being just like the rest of the "NYC blogging scene."

hahahaha! is there such a thing? good lord. which is worse? being a member or being familiar enough with the crew to categorize them as such!

but then again, i'm sitting here on a friday night blogging.

my excuse is my cervix. and no, i shall not elaborate.


At 10/23/2004 02:54:00 AM, Blogger bdt895 said...

well.. i hope that things get better. drop me a line if you feel like venting and talking and not needing advice:) and friday nights always suck... blogging or no. nice site by the way... are yu sure you"found it" by accident? :) ha ha ha... jk... maybe i'll talk at ya lata!


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