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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

more than never

it occurred to me today that music may be spoiling me.

i hear a stunning, evocative new piece of music and i'm as euphoric as that drug used to make me. i'm feeling as transcendant as writing a poem may let me.

it's clearly easier for me to listen to music. do we always have to seize the moment--go through that curtain that has presented itself through some chords? i guess not always. more than never would be better than nothing.

repeat after me:
the earth is not a cold, dead place.
the earth is not a cold, dead place.
the earth...


At 1/26/2005 01:44:00 PM, Blogger Bilvox said...

I know what you mean but its such a cool feeling to hear something new, a new song - poem - film that a line or moment passes infront of your eyes-ears and inspires you, sets a little spark off to create a bigger flame of insiration. It happens alot to me, well often enough, and its such a great feeling then i just want to find more and more art that does that... its better than most highs I know as well ;-)


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