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Monday, May 30, 2005

shampoo girl

something queer happened to me on Friday.

i went for a haircut to my regular stylist. nothing strange about that aside from maybe how long it took me to get an appointment.

anyway, i get there exactly on time and wait only a few minutes before some petite hispanic girl dressed entirely in black (dress code) calls my name and intoduces herself as Jennifer's assistant (Jennifer is my gal). i felt a fleeting sense of discomfort because i'd been eyeing this girl's lipstick job and secretly thinking that she could use some lessons. i hoped she didn't notice my stares. from her smile it seemed as if she had not.

still, this is nothing extraordinary; every now and then there will be a separate shampoo girl that preps me for Jennifer's chair.

she has a quiet voice and is very delicate as she covers my neck with a towel and gathers my hair into the sink. her delicacy remains as she begins my shampoo.

"is the water ok?"


i start to feel slightly odd when i notice that she's taking a bit long to finish the shampoo. she started it off in a typical manner, equally sudsing and scratching, but then she began to slow down. she took her three middle fingers and traced them firmly around my hairline, starting at my ears and ending in the center of my forehead. i'm feeling relaxed but still slightly curious. i've never had a head massage and i'd yet to realize that this is exactly what i was recieving.

she fingers my scalp a few more times before rinsing the soap, again asking if the water temperature is to my liking.

now she applies the conditioner. this part of the hairwashing is usually fairly quick. the stylist or shampoo girl doesn't wait for the conditioners to "soak in" as i typically do; just a thorough application and quick rinse.

but the shampoo girl wasn't quite done with my head.

she began this stage of the massage by firmly and slowly kneading my head in circular motions with her fingertips. initially i tense up. i am now fully aware that this head massage is erotic and i am trying to supress any further stimulation of my libido. i'm certain she is hitting on me, but then remember that Jennifer had another customer in her chair as i was being lead back to the sinks. ok, so she's just stalling. i can handle this.

she stops the kneading and then plants her thumbs toward the back of my head's crown, moving her other fingertips both toward and away from the stationary fingers.

as the tingling in my crotch continues, i feel panicky and blurt out the only thing i can think of saying. i figure conversation is called for when a female is turning you on. or at least something is called for so that i don't start full-on squirming in the fucking chair.

"i could fall asleep!" i say awkwardly. maybe my voice even cracked a little. i may have let out a little laugh. i'm not fully sure.

she responds with an exhaled laugh. though i can't see her face, i picture her smiling down on my head.


i certainly didn't want to go to sleep. i wanted to have sex--with a male, of course--but sex nonetheless. i was ready to go and i could only hope that shampoo girl couldn't tell. i think i pulled it off. i managed to get through the rest of the shampoo without any heaving breathing, twitching, or hip rocking.

after a few more finger traces and circular temple rubs, i was finally in Jennifer's chair. i say hello and mention, with casual and inquisitive laughter, that her shampoo girl gives amazing head massages. Jennifer laughs it off and explains that she'd had to squeeze in another client and apologized for my wait.

"oh was great."

i still feel a little weird about this but will feel much, much better when i get a *male* version of this lovely massage. i'll have to work it into my study...which has fallen by the wayside evidently...


At 5/30/2005 09:48:00 PM, Blogger Jehza said...

How do I get an appointment with Jennifer?

At 11/18/2005 06:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds great, but I've seen very different opinions of used aed


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