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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the circle of laugh

i like to laugh at myself. it's almost as fun as laughing at other people. so, if you would be so inclined, go ahead and have a little chuckle at me right now. oh, i'm dead ass. get on with it. embarrassing moments really are not complete unless there is someone to laugh at you as you are laughing at yourself.

i.e. me saying "deers" to my co-worker (an avid hunter with some Indian blood in his system which causes him to become emotionally childish at times. it also causes him to talk incessantly about whisker biscuits and other oddly named hunting paraphernalia which inevitably results in me laughing at him and he laughing at himself) even though i am an English teacher. (and yeah, that was a long parenthetical insert. my apologies for any backtracking that may have resulted.)

shit. now i need to backtrack...

oh, well. i think i've made my point. just that it's fun to laugh. was that my point? no, i think it was that you should laugh at me to complete my circle of laughter since i am almost always laughing at myself. oh, and i usually have no friends around, so you laughing would complete the cycle.

that certainly just killed the mood.

just remember that it's fun to laugh at other people, a tad less fun to laugh at yourself, and most fun (funnest?) to make others laugh at themselves...or at least laugh at you.


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