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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

lucky girly tire story.

i would consider myself fairly lucky in the automobile department. i've never had any major problems (and no, i'm not knocking on wood) aside from a blown alternator once. that was a huge pain in the ass, but my boy at the time was around to take care of things for me. it was virtually hassle-free.

today served to reinforce this notion.

i woke up, normal routine, a tad more sleepy this morning and thus more irritated by the Linkin Park that came blaring through my clock radio at 5:45am. i shower, dress, walk the dog, and head to the Mobil to get coffee (Green Mountain, baby). as i walk out, i notice that my passenger front tire is almost completely flat! shit. so, being already at a gas station, i fill it up, ducking away the entire time due to my odd phobia of bursting tires. i notice that there's some scraping along the blackwalls and instantly think of my father, who borrowed the car earlier in the week. that rat-bastard. he's gonna hear it when i get home.

and off to work i go. at my place of business are several autobody shops with lots of mechanics that do stuff for the rest of the faculty. so yeah, free car work. and i didn't even have to endure their skeevy stares, as my putty co-worker was easily coerced into taking care of it all for me.

i'm such a fucking girl.

apparently there was a razor blade AND a nail in each of my front tires! jesus! now i feel like some kind of junk-yard crack dealer. where the hell did i pick up those items? i have no life!

...and, come to think of it, i do remember the tires squeeling on my way off the highway yesterday afternoon. i thought briefly to myself as i juggled my cell phone and steering wheel, "heh. i guess i need air."

and i guess riding on your rims will scrape up your blackwalls. dad lucked out this time. my good vibe is contagious.


At 11/18/2004 07:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My current car has been equally-hassle free (no knocking here, either), but I do need to have a couple things looked at before I move. A car that works well on a consistent basis is way too much of a security blanket for a young, single woman to have.



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