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Friday, March 25, 2005

the kangaroo

moments when you can just giggle with someone that you normally cannot fully giggle with are so outstanding.

today, my mother and i went out for a "fun" day of shopping. really, it was me carting her ass to places such as TJ Maxx (which isn't so bad), The Rag Shop, and Home Goods. by our third store and fifth hour, i was getting anxious and tense. before erupting at my mother without provocation, i told her i was getting restless and then began wandering the aisles in a state of daydream. then...

i saw this:


look closely...

yes, that does appear to be a large penis coming out of the groin region of what appears to be a horse.

i was only equipped with my camera phone, so i apologize for this crude photo. actually, it's better if you see it this way; you are now reacting the same way i did in the middle of Home Goods, Middletown, NY. i do believe i even voiced my shock aloud...what the hell?!

it was some sort of paper machier creature that, i assume, would adorn a mantle or table in some quirky abode. of course, it did appear to be an anotomically correct, and aroused, horse. however, it was in fact a kangaroo...and the penis was in fact the head (ha) of the marsupial's child. the pouch was evidently not to scale.

i scurried back through the aisles and found my mother still wandering, her basket full of bargains that she would inevitably talk herself out of by the time we left the store.

hey kiddo, what do you think of...

wait...come here; i have something hilarious to show you!

she looks up and puts the green Easter platter back on the shelf.

what? she smirks.

i'm cracking up, allowing for pause...

oh wait, i think i know what you're talking about! the kangaroo?

she'd already seen it! yes! oh my god, what the hell is that thing?

now we're both full of giggles, finding our way back to this odd knick-knack. when we find it, there are more giggles and some photo ops:


we even pointed it out to the woman you can partially see behind my mother.

it was a boring day of shopping.


At 3/26/2005 08:05:00 PM, Blogger Jehza said...

I don't buy it. That's not a joey. That's Roo cock if I've ever seen it.


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