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Sunday, July 10, 2005

guess what?

the other day i was at one of those ghetto-fabulous ATMs at a local gas station. when my $20 bill dispensed, a white moth came out with it and flew away.

my camera broke. now every time i try to take a picture, the power turns off. i'm sad because i wanted to take pictures last night. it only had heart enough to take one shot, after which it resigned itself to the piece-of-shit status that i knew it'd had in it all along.

i'm seriously looking for an apartment. i'm gonna make-it-hah-pen (mariah carey style).

i went to Katz's deli last night and tried a knish for the first time. i had ketchup and salt on mine. it was kinda gross. i'll stick to my falafel.

when we were at Mercury Lounge last night, Lana's boyfriend made an ass of himself trying to compliment one of the dudes from We Are Scientists. only, it was a dude from Bishop Allen. specifically, the drummer, who is very nice and pretended he didn't notice that Brian had just told him that he liked the other band better.

i take zoloft. 100mg per day. if i skip a dose, it makes my eyes feel like they're pulling on my brain and i get dizzy. but, it keeps me suicide free!

he still hasn't called. there was a brief text message exchange, but no phone call. i don't hate him though. he's still really kickass. just busy. i guess. dick.


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