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Monday, April 25, 2005

note to self

i was reading an interview of Natalie Portman recently and in it she spoke of the pheonomenon of the American Celebrity. the topic rambled slightly, but she seemed intent on getting across a specific point. her understanding of celebrities sharing information with the media, or even being a passive participant, signified a type of insecurity. her tone seemed condescending, almost. then, at the end, she made it clear that she was glad that she'd never felt so alone--so alone that she needed to share her personal thoughts, pains, or happiness with complete strangers.

taken out of the "celebrity" context, i cannot see anything wrong with this--this sharing of humanity. i have fallen out of habit with the human race, i'm afraid. there's too much lurking. too much shadow. and i think my writing is tucked away in those folds of tattered clothing. i must remember to observe. a writer's keenest sense should never be through the fingers.

(there is no line from me to you, but i assure you it's a simple path to follow.)


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