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Monday, April 25, 2005

i'm gonna stick with the lists

1. so i picked up a copy of Watership Down. and i'm a tad peeved that the book seems to be written, entirely, from the perspective of fucking rabbits. that's my Book Quiz book? it better be one hell of a story. or at least explain to me why rabbits fuck so much.

2. i saw the shins last night, and i'm sorry to report that they were just OK. while this may seem blasphemous, i assure you that it is not. they're just kind of subdued in the flesh, my friends. and the one spazzoid that does muster up some enthusiasm just seems to need some medication by the end of the show. it's obvious he has that new disease that all the drug companies are talking about. so i'm doing you all a favor by suggesting that you save your money and just download a show if you're in dire need of their live sound. and under no circumstances should you pay to see, agree to hear, or even entertain legitimate musical discussion about their opening band, the brunettes. they're simply laughable.

3. on a similar note, Webster Hall in NYC reminds me of that creepy orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut. (its decor is most likely dictated by this aspect of the building's existence: Webster Hall Fridays.) i'm not sure why they didn't film part of the movie there. my companions and i even found a secret lounge upstairs that was velvety and creepy enough to be the setting of some of the more profane scenes. it was nearly frightening when i thought about the gathering of the masked people as they beckoned Tome Cruise to provide the password. i certainly knew no password. (have i used this metaphor before on here? i feel as if i have...)

4. i'm thinking of signing up for this Team in Traning schtick. it's part of my agenda of doing more things that will allow me to feel personal pride. of course, it seems fairly out of my league and there's a strong possibility that i will not follow through. but if i do, i expect each and every one of you to pledge loads of money to me so that i can feel better about myself. i suppose, by extension, you'll feel swell as well.

5. i contemplated, in my car for about 45 seconds, going to a singles party. you know those ones that are advertised by that online dating service? yeah, well, i think i'm just going to continue my attempt to have sex with Jeremy instead.

6. i'm finding that i'm excessively fatigued as of late. if anyone has any suggestions as to which pills i should take, vitamins to increase, or solutions to inhale/insert/consume/apply, i'd be grateful.

7. going back to the music theme, i'd like to take an informal poll on the existence of encores. are they *really* necessary? i vote no. just play the damn songs altogether and stop making us all chant and clap for you. we've already paid more than we should have in fees in an effort to demonstrate that we think your music is fairly kickass. and if you need a break, take a break. chug a beer onstage while your drummer does crazy tricks. something, anything to get rid of that pompous encore. that's what i think anyway. what say you?

8. marriage and family are an ongoing background concern of my brain, and by extension, myself. is it really a woman thing? age thing? personal thing? sure i'd like it some day, but it's quite tedious to continue thinking about it until i chase down someone (or chase them all away in the process). there are only so many marathons a girl can run to bide her mothergrabbin time, my friends.

9. i'm babysitting tomorrow night. those kids are going to watch American Idol with me if i have to promise them each a gallon of ice cream afterwards.


At 4/25/2005 06:54:00 PM, Anonymous Jon said...

You forgot about the crazy guy outside before the show and his mutterings of how the republicans are to blame for brothers and sisters masturbating together.

At 4/26/2005 10:41:00 AM, Anonymous gina said...

I agree, encores are kind of lame. I saw a Kenny Roger's show once (hey, I love kenny alright!), and he told the audience "Listen, I'm just going to do the encore right now to save you the clapping and me having to walk backstage and back on again." Now don't YOU love Kenny more?!


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