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Monday, July 11, 2005

in your dreams

i just checked the weather and it's forecasted to rain (with scary-ass lightning) for the next 10 days. perfect. that will help my mood.

last night, i had a crazy dream that combined about 12ish random things i've encountered/discussed/thought about over the past few days. it was incredibly entertaining, almost along the lines of a Seinfeld episode.

*****(Wayne's World Dream Sequence Sound)*****

as i remember it, the dream began with me looking for an apartment.

(not-so-random thing #1--getting an apartment)

i shared this with my parents and my brother, but when i told them about the place wanted to rent, they frowned. i wasn't surprised by their reaction because the realtor in charge of the rental was infamous around town. the exchange went something like this.

"they're going to try to convert you, Kristine. i really don't think this is a good idea. you can find something better, just give it time."

"i don't have time, Mom! they won't convert me. Lana found her place through these people. they're just Mormons! it isn't some crazy cult."

(i think Lana made a brief apperance to nod her head enthusiastically when i mentioned she'd rented from the zealots. she left the dream as soon as she entered.)

(random thing #2--Mormons)

my brother was even weary, only giving me a sideways glance of, "eh, yeah, Kris. i'm with mom; that's kinda creepy."

suddenly, i was at the apartment that i wanted to rent. i was at the apartment and was waiting for the Mormons to come to show me the apartment. right. when they arrived, i was surprised to see at least 15 people at the door and simultaneously squishing themselves into the entryway. i made a comment about how many there were, when a man explained that it was just a big family. oh. ok.

(random thing #3--the man that spoke was the father dude in that crappy TV movie i fell asleep watching last night).

just when i thought everyone was there, one more kid squirmed in. i remember thinking i knew him as one of my students at the time, but his face is no longer familiar. but he did have striking blue eyes. (random thing #4--the appearance of the eyeballs of my crush)

i looked around the apartment with some of the teenage girls, but i only remember seeing the bathroom. it was a nice place, but very narrow. extremely narrow, actually. (random thing #5--that narrow-ass apartment of some dude i was screwing. actually, not his apartment; his sister's. in Chelsea. sorry, i don't have a link of us screwing. but here's a narrow bathroom in an apartment in Chelsea.)

suddenly, the apartment tour with all the mormons turned into a blogger party. the following people were present, all of whom i've never met in person. some i don't even really talk to. (random thing #6--dreaming of bloggers. people that don't really know me. i'm sorry. i guess i'm creeepy.) citycrab, ikeepadiary, and jeremyhawkins were all there. oh, and that dude i work with--the one who i think *may* be gay. he and jeremy kept switching identities, so i'm not sure which one was really there. i think it was my co-worker, but he was dressed all hipsterdoofus, which i think is more jeremy's style. (random thing #7--dreaming of my other half-crush, metro style)

so this party now consisted of morphing strangers/friends and some family members. my 18 month-old cousin that i've been babysitting showed up, completely on his own, and made a mad dash for the open sliding glass door. i sprinted to catch him before he could fall off the balcony. when i grabbed him, he became miniature, fitting-in-my-palm miniature, and i thought i'd squished him with my fingers.

(random thing #8--my draining times with toddlers, unpaid--no link to protect the identity of the innocent. and the innocent's formerly coked-out mother.)

he must have disappeared, or maybe i actually squashed him, because now i was focused on the fact that my Mormon apartment was either in Beverly Hills or Greece or something. it was all stuccoed on the outside, and my balcony overlooked one of those swimming pools that looks like it's merging with the distant ocean. aparently i could now afford the ultimate sign of affluence. Thanks Mormons! (random thing #9--the swimming pool in that rap video i was watching while on the eliptical machine yesterday)

and i think that was the end.

wasn't that a weird dream?


At 7/11/2005 10:03:00 PM, Blogger beth said...

So many things I want to say right here, but none of them are appropriate.

Was I nice?

At 7/12/2005 09:07:00 AM, Blogger kristine said...

i love inappropriate comments! (seriously) please share.

and, yeah, i think i was glad you were there, but you didn't have a speaking role.


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