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Monday, July 18, 2005

just a few things on today's agenda

first, the soreness in my right glandular region has now spread to the entire frontal surface of my neck. yesterday, i joked with kristen, in my ineffectual attempt to make her feel bad, that she's implemented a new diet regimen for me since it's become quite painful to eat. something about the saliva glands being triggered. i later mused with another friend that i partially think that, because there is no bruising, i am bleeding internally and will die a slow death, only to be remembered as the girl with the vampire-like lesbianic friend.

maybe the new soreness is just from nursing the other side. that's a theory, too. i guess.

next, if you haven't voted in my COOL NEW WEEKLY POLL!! i'm going to, well, i'm not going to do jack shit. because i'll never know if you've voted or not. but GOD will know, people.

thirdly, check out this new site that i've added to my too-cool-for-school roster: paul davidson's words for my enjoyment. it's very funny. very. plus he's hot. with a totally proportionate head.

lastly, my next interview with a rockstar will be We Are Scientists. i'm really excited about these boys because they're funnier than most people i know combined. i'm so excited, actually, that i've already told them that i'm nearly orgasmic with joy. this, perhaps, was the key to snagging the interview. if you have any suggestions for questions, please leave them in the comments section. i'm so excited that i'm kinda drawing a blank. eek.

and since there are no questions (don't you DARE be that person that asks a really fucking annoying question as the meeting is being hinted at dissolving, you bastard), please enjoy the refreshments at the back of the room. and if there are no refreshments back there, i totally give you permission to leave work early to find some.


At 7/18/2005 03:16:00 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Two things.

1. Thank you for the shout-out, it makes me orgasmic with joy.

2. I think you should ask the rockstar of the week this question: Would they rather wake up and find a dead raccoon carcass in their stomach that they'd have to live with for the rest of their life (no surgical removals) or lose their pinky fingers in a tragic elevator door accident?

At 7/19/2005 01:30:00 AM, Blogger kristine said...

1. as the rockstars say, "jesus christ, start orgasming immediately"...and,'re welcome.

2. dude. you have better than that. i feel as if losing pinky fingers is such the obvious answer here.


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